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Personal data protection policy

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Personal Data Protection Policy – Privacy policy

You, our visitors, are our most valuable asset, and so we approach you with special care and communicate with you openly and responsibly in order to win your trust and fulfil your expectations.

Kanovele d.o.o. ( legal society that mange Hotel Villa Rosetta ) has committed to protecting your personal data. The following text will familiarise you with this commitment. The privacy policy are related to the web location :  https://hotelvillarosetta.net

Please check the personal data protection policy from time to time as changes may be made.

Personal Data Protection – general tenets

Kanovele d.o.o.  respects your privacy and the safety of your personal data. The collection, use and processing of your personal data is performed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, as well as other personal data protection regulations valid and applicable in Croatia. We guarantee our users that we will treat their personal data as confidential information and a business secret.

This Privacy Policy controls the manner in which Kanovele d.o.o.  treats personal data collected through its reservation system or contact forms, as well as through particular services offered to guests by Kanovele d.o.o. through which personal data is accessible.

We collect personal data mainly for the following reasons:

  • to provide the most efficient answer to your request
  • to offer services requested and collect payment for them
  • to provide access to our system of contests
  • to promote our services
  • for internal statistical data processing
  • to send publications, brochures and other promotional materials

By providing Kanovele d.o.o. with contact information (e.g. e-mail address, telephone number, etc.), Guests provide their express consent for Kanovele d.o.o. to contact them to offer products and services, as well as confirming that they are familiar with the content of this document. Guests are required to explicitly inform Kanovele d.o.o. in writing (via registered mail or e-mail) if they do not wish to be contacted..

Data covered by the Data Protection Policy system (Privacy Policy):

  • name and surname
  • address
  • e-mail address
  • telephone and/or fax number
  • credit card data provided by you to Kanovele d.o.o. during the online reservation process or other payment or deposit process
  • other data you provide us and would like to keep them confidential

By using our online reservation system you are aware of providing your details to a company “FreeToBook ”  with registered office in the UK (our collaborators) in order to provide the online booking service quickly and safely. ( SSL certificate and PCI compliant security system)

Privacy Policy Period

When you provide your data, you consent to us contacting you, and you are added to our mailing list – the moment you are added to the list is your explicit consent to our contacting you. The protection of the privacy of your data is permanent, and you can ask to be removed from our mailing list at any time. After this, your data are no longer used by Kanovele d.o.o. except for internal purposes, e.g. for IT or statistical data processing.

Privacy Policy Content

We do not sell or rent your e-mail address and other data, nor do we make it available to third parties without your consent, as this is against our privacy policyKanovele d.o.o. holds to a strict “no spam” policy. We seek your special consent if you want us to contact you regarding special offers and deals. Kanovele d.o.o.  cannot be held responsible for accidental errors, errors due to Acts of God, or other objective circumstances that cause an unintentional breach of your data protection. However, Kanovele d.o.o.  guarantees that the error will be remedied, if possible, at the earliest possible moment.

We collect only personal data that is voluntarily provided, and we use them exclusively to offer the aforementioned services. We do not ask you to provide us with your personal data in order to allow you to access our website, nor to reveal more data than is truly necessary to take part in an activity on our website. The credit card data you provide Kanovele d.o.o.  is used exclusively as a means of securing payment for reserved services, and is afforded the same level of protection as the rest of your personal data. After services are offered and paid for, this data is no longer used without your explicit permission.

By filling out forms on our website, you guarantee that the information you have provided is accurate, and that you fully agree with the provisions of our Privacy Policy and the conditions listed therein.

Data Confidentiality

We wish to clearly state that your personal data will remain confidential during your use of this website, unless you wish to reveal it voluntarily. We undertake that we shall not reveal data you provided us with to third parties, except in cases where this is required by applicable laws.

Server Statistics

Our world wide web server uses statistics software. These programmes are standard on all web servers, and are not specific to our website. This statistics software enables us to make our website as efficient and simple as possible for our visitors (identifying data that is of the most or least interest to our users, adjusting the website to suit various web browsers, ensuring the efficient structure of our locations, and registering web traffic). Records of web traffic on our website do not contain the personal data of our users, nor are they linked to the individuals who visit our website.

Use of Cookies

In order to simplify the browsing experience of our website, our web server uses cookies. These are very small text files that the server places on users’ computers to track their language selection on our website, as well as memorising user names and passwords on parts of our website that request them. Cookies cannot be used to launch programmes or install viruses on your computer. The cookies placed by our server are deleted automatically from your computer at the end of a session, that is in the moment when you leave our website. It is possible to browse our website without using cookies if your web browser is set up in this manner. Cookies do not read data from your hard drives, nor do they read data that contain cookies from other servers stored on your hard disk.

E-mail Messages

When you send us electronic mail (e-mail) with personal data making it possible to identify you, whether via an e-mail message with questions or comments or via a form delivered to us by e-mail, we use this data to fulfil your requests.

Data Security

In order to protect data at this location, and in order to ensure that this service is available to all users, this computer system uses software that tracks web visits and recognises unauthorised attempts to transmit or modify data, as well as those that might cause damage in some other way. Unauthorised attempts to transmit or alter data at this location are strictly prohibited.

Surveys and Questionnaires

We occasionally carry out surveys and questionnaires on our website. The data we gather in these surveys and questionnaires is used exclusively for the purposes of Kanovele d.o.o. Examples of answers to surveys published on one of our websites do not contain personal data.

Asking for Specific Personal Data

Kanovele d.o.o.  cannot provide personal data to other users (third parties) without your consent, except in cases where this is necessary for the performance of work falling within the framework of the legally defined activities of these users pursuant to Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Kanovele d.o.o.  may reveal your data to affiliates as defined by the Companies Act, in which case these companies attain the same rights and undertake the same obligations as Kanovele d.o.o.  concerning the treatment of this personal data.

Personal Data Protection of Children

We are aware of the problems regarding data protection in direct communications with children over the Internet. Our websites IS NOT intent to be used by children, and potentially gather personal data from children under the age of 18

In accordance with this intent:

We DO NOT collect, DO NOT use, and DO NOT reveal data that might make it possible to contact children over the Internet, except in cases of online promotional contests. This type of data is used, without the approval of a parent or legal guardian, only for direct answers to children’s requests, and shall not be used for any other purpose.

We DO NOT provide any kind of personal data to third parties without the prior approval of a parent or legal guardian.

We DO NOT allow children to publish or distribute personal data or any other material we receive from them, which could be used to contact them without the permission of a parent or legal guardian, nor do we encourage children to reveal more data than is necessary to take part in contests or other activities.

As a parent or legal guardian, you are always entitled to gain insight into all personal data of your child provided to us through one of our websites. You may also request that data be erased (if this data is still found in our database) and/or forbid us to collect and use information about your child in the future. If you are a parent or legal guardian and wish to exercise this right, contact us.

In addition to the aforementioned information, Kanovele d.o.o.  guarantees the protection of the personal data of children as determined by special laws that regulate this issue.

Access to Information

You may request an overview of all personal data we have received from you via any of our websites at any time. At your request, we can update, correct or delete this data (if this data is still found in our databases), or cease to use this data in the future. If you wish to exercise this right, simply contact us.


We do everything in our power to ensure that all links from our website direct you and/or your child to websites with high-quality content that does not encourage negative behaviours or opinions. However, websites and web addresses change quickly, and we cannot always guarantee for the content of every website we link to. If you have any questions or doubts related to our Personal Data Protection Policy or to your experiences with this web location, please contact us.

Changes to and Termination of the Terms of Use

Kanovele d.o.o.  retains the right to change or terminate all or any part of this website and its terms of use at any moment. Changes become valid upon being published on this website, or when users are informed of them. The terms of use are applicable until the moment of their termination by you or by Kanovele d.o.o.  Should you decide to terminate the terms of use, which is possible at any moment, you will cease to use this website and all materials and content downloaded during your use of this website shall be deleted.

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